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Semiconductor Test Consumables - Test Interface Boards Market Monitor

By Yole Intelligence

Semiconductor Test Interface market to rebound in 2024 after 2023 decline


The Test Equipment Consumables – Test Interface Board Market Monitor is a sub-part of the test equipment consumables market monitor that provides a deep quarterly view on the market that deals with the device interface board market.

Semiconductor advanced PCB / Test Interface (PCBs / Boards / Substrate) are used to connect wafer probes and burn-in and test sockets to the tester. These PCBs are often multi-layer boards with fine pitch holes and require specialist manufacturing technology. Much of the functionality of probe cards and sockets depends on the design, layout, and performance of these PCBs.

Probe card suppliers mainly design PCBs for probe cards, and the manufacture is outsourced to merchant suppliers. Historically, PCBs for probe cards were relatively simple to make. Still, in recent years the specifications have increased to the point where only a small number of suppliers can make PCBs for leading-edge probe cards.

Chipmakers design most of the boards (load boards or device interface boards) for package test and outsource the manufacture of the PCBs to merchant suppliers. Independent designers exist to serve smaller chipmakers who don’t have the specialist know-how to design their boards or help larger chipmakers when their design teams are at full capacity.

PCBs for burn-in applications are commodity items. This is a fragmented market with many vendors qualified to supply the market. However, there is a trend for chipmakers to use a smaller number of specialist suppliers to ensure optimal performance of the burn-in system.


Product objectives:

  • Provide quarterly accurate data from players on the semiconductor Device Interface Board market.
  • Provide market metrics and forecasts of volume, market value and market share of players.
  • Oversee the most relevant players across the Device Interface Board supply chain.
  • Make the right choices to overcome competitors in the Device Interface Board market
  • Assess demand/supply balance of Device Interface Board market
  • Monitoring of supply chain changes and market share evolution
  • Allow an accurate monitoring of the competition
  • Quarterly close-up monitoring market, competition and demand/supply balance to adapt your strategy and market positioning

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