Market and Technology Trends

Semiconductor Test Market Monitor

By Yole Intelligence

A rapidly growing market for probe cards, burn-in and test sockets, and loadboards is on track to exceed $7.5B in 2027

Key Features

  • Direct access to analysts providing opportunity for Q&A
  • Market characteristics, industry highlights, and analyst commentary
  • Annual market shares for all suppliers, quarterly market shares for key suppliers
  • Quarterly data on key product segments: probe cards by probe card technology, burn-in sockets, test sockets, loadboards, probe card PCBs, and burn-in boards from Q1-2016 to Q4-2023
  • Market forecast by product type through 2027, in $US
  • ASP analysis
  • Unit shipments
  • Regional distribution of revenues by region of supplier HQ, region where sale is made, and region of consumption
  • Forecast by application: DRAM, NVM and other memory, sensors, power management ICs, RF, high performance computing, other logic, and other non-memory
  • Market size by end market: mobile and consumer, automotive and mobility, industrial, medical, defense and aerospace, telecom and infrastructure

Product objectives

  • Comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of the competitive landscape
  • Near-term market dynamics on a quarterly basis through to Q4-2023.
  • Long-term market dynamics for 2021-2027
  • Evaluation of emerging technologies and market trends

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