Data Monitor

Wafer Data Monitor

By Yole Intelligence

Yole Group presents Wafer Data Monitor - accurate semiconductor wafer forecasts from 2019-2028, available on Excel and a dashboard, updated quarterly.

Previously called Wafer Start Monitor


Key Features

  • Accurate and up-to-date forecasts: Wafer Data Monitor is updated every quarter to ensure that the data presented is always current and relevant, providing users with the most accurate forecasts possible.
  • Comprehensive data segmentation: The data presented by Wafer Data Monitor is segmented along nine dimensions, enabling users to access detailed and specific information most relevant to their needs.
  • Flexible data access options: Users can access the data presented by Wafer Data Monitor using a web-based dashboard or Excel file, providing flexible and customizable data access options.
  • Unmatched selection possibilities: Wafer Data Monitor allows for more than 10^90 selections to be generated with the tool, providing users with unique insights that they couldn’t access with other tools.
  • Competitive advantage: With its accurate forecasts, comprehensive data segmentation, flexible data access options, and unmatched selection possibilities, Wafer Data Monitor gives users the competitive advantage they need to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving semiconductor industry.
  • Additional below-28nm metrics

Get a view of the platform and filter possibilities: here

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