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Wafer Fab Equipment Market Monitor

By Yole Intelligence

Wafer fab equipment revenue market should reach $124B in 2028, with a 5.3% CAGR.


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Key Features

  • 2016-2022 historical & 2023-2028 forecast for overall wafer fab equipment (USDM, system/chamber units, installed base) and service and support
  • 2016-2022 historical & 2023-2025 forecast for device: memory, logic, specialty and advanced packaging.
  • 2016-2022 historical & 2023-2025 forecast for process technologies: thinning and CMP, deposition, etch and clean, patterning, metrology and inspection, ion implantation and wafer bonding.
  • Wafer fab equipment 2016-2022 historical market share with breakdown to device, process technologies and regions

What’s new?

Semiconductor Wafer Fab Equipment Monitor is a new Yole’s product watching the financial situation of semiconductor machinery on a quarterly bases.

Product objectives

  • Provide historical data, market metrics and forecasts for semiconductor wafer fab equipment vendor revenue from equipment shipments as well as revenue generated from service and support.
  • Update data quarterly with detailed semiconductor wafer fab equipment market analysis for device applications, process technology and regions.
  • Provide historical market shares for semiconductor wafer fab equipment vendors with a breakdown to device application, process technology and region levels. 
  • In Q1 2023, we tracked 146 vendors with a detailed breakdown of their revenues by process technology.
  • Analyze current semiconductor wafer fab equipment market state in terms of semiconductor chip revenue, capital expenditure (CapEx), macroeconomics and geopolitics.
  • Considering the above, to forecast near-term revenue evolution.

This product completes the already large Monitor’s portfolio of the Yole Group, highlighting the semiconductor wafer fab equipment market with breakdown to their technologies:

  • Thinning and CMP Equipment
  • Deposition equipment, including CVD, PVD and electroplating
  • Ion Implant equipment
  • Etch and Clean equipment, including dry and wet technologies
  • Patterning equipment, i.e. resist processing as well as photomask and wafer exposure
  • Metrology & Inspection equipment
  • Wafer bonders
  • Other wafer processing equipment

What makes it unique?

Paving the way to a deeper understanding of the  wafer processing equipment, Yole’s Wafer Fab Equipment Market Monitor brings:

  • Market sizes by end-market: Mobile & Consumer, Auto & Mobility, Industrial, Medical, Defense & Aerospace, Telecom & Infrastructure
  • Market breakdown to technologies of each wafer fab equipment segment
  • An industrial landscape outlook and related key moves
  • Quarterly forecasts to Q4 2024 and annual forecasts to 2028
  • Quarterly vendor shares for key companies
  • Full quarterly updates
  • Regular access to analysts

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