Performance Analysis

Apple iPad Pro MiniLED 12.9” visual performance and optical construction analysis

By Piseo

Do 10,000 MiniLEDs in the Apple iPad Pro 12.9” make a difference compared to Edge-lit tablets?

Key Features

Measurement and analysis of readability and color performance under different conditions, including ambient lighting, average picture level (APL) and viewing angle.

  • Measurement and analysis of brightness, contrast, and halo performance in video high and standard dynamic range (HDR and SDR) formats
  • Measurement and analysis of artifacts such as screen reflectance and flicker
  • Measurement and analysis of battery linearity and discharge current
  • Description of the MiniLED-based backlight unit technology
  • Details about LED emission characteristics
  • Main characteristics and roles of the different films in the optical stack
  • Backlight unit operation when displaying a simple scene

Product objectives

  • Provide test results and quality analysis to compare the performance of the Apple iPad 12.9” Pro Mini-LED LCD and iPad 11” Pro Edge-Lit LCD tablets
  • Giving insights into the optical architecture and explain how Apple managed the technical challenges
  • Showing how the new backlight optical construction contributes to the user experience
  • This analysis is intended for display system designers, system architects and marketing teams

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