Technology, Process and Cost

Automotive Low-Voltage Si MOSFET Comparison 2022

By Yole SystemPlus

24 AEC-Q101 40-100V Si MOSFETs from: Infineon, onsemi, STMicroelectronics, Toshiba, Nexperia, ROHM, Diodes Inc., Taiwan Semiconductor, Vishay, Renesas, and AOS.

Product’s key features:

  • Detailed optical and SEM photos
  • Precise dimensional measurements
  • Manufacturing process flow of selected technology
  • Supply chain evaluation
  • Wafer and die manufacturing cost analysis
  • Estimated bare die selling price
  • Comparisons of technology design parameters and electric performances, including figures of merit, current density, etc
  • Comparisons of cost, including wafer cost, die cost, and die cost per ampere

Available on our Yole Group All-Inclusive Automotive Package

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