Technology, Process and Cost Comparison

Automotive Navigation Inertial Sensor Comparison 2022

By Yole SystemPlus

Detailed technology and cost comparison of 11 MEMS inertial sensors from Bosch, STMicroelectronics, TDK-Invensense, Epson, and Senodia Technologies

Key Features :

  • Detailed photos
  • Precise measurements
  • Materials analysis
  • Manufacturing process flow
  • Supply chain evaluation
  • Manufacturing cost analysis
  • Estimated selling price
  • Technology and Cost Comparison for the MEMS inertial sensor suppliers

What’s new

  • First report from Yole SystemPlus on this subject.
  • Focus on MEMS navigation market.
  • All the analyzed components are found on the manufacturers’ websites and are available on the market.
  • First analysis of new market player, the Chinese company Senodia Technologies. 

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