Technology, Process and Cost Comparison

Automotive Safety Inertial Sensors Comparison 2022

By Yole SystemPlus

Detailed technology and cost comparison of 20 MEMS capacitive and piezoelectric inertial sensors from: BOSCH, Murata, STMicroelectronics, Panasonic, Analog Devices, and NXP Semiconductors.


  • MEMS inertial sensors in automotive systems – analysis
  • MEMS inertial sensors teardown – analysis
  • Detailed photos
  • Precise measurements
  • Materials analysis
  • Manufacturing process flow
  • Supply chain evaluation
  • Manufacturing cost analysis
  • Estimated selling price
  • Technology and cost comparisons for each MEMS inertial sensor supplier


  • This report is focused on the automotive safety market.
  • More than half of the analyzed devices are found in recent automotive systems supplied by BOSCH, Continental, etc.
  • Supply chain evaluation is presented for the main automotive system manufacturers (BOSCH, Continental, TRW).
  • Supply chain evaluation for ASIC dies and MEMS dies for each MEMS inertial sensor supplier.
  • For all selected components, a further analysis is done:
  • An analysis covering stand-alone accelerometers and gyroscopes, as well as combo sensors.
  • Package comparison, ASIC comparison, and MEMS die comparison, as well as a MEMS sensing area comparison, are done for each of category.
  • Package cross-section, MEMS die cross-section, and ASIC analysis.
  • Manufacturing and cost analysis for each of the selected components, and cost comparison.
  • An opening and a brief overview are added for EPSON and DENSO inertial sensors.

In the Cost Comparison section, we provide the data for wafer front-end cost distribution by: ASIC and MEMS die cost; packaging cost; final test; and calibration and yield losses cost. These estimations are made based on our cost analysis of the inertial sensors.

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