Market and Technology Trends

Biometrics for Consumer 2022

By Yole Intelligence

The consumer biometrics market will reach $11B in 2027 boosted by SWIR under-display face recognition and optical TFT for full-screen fingerprint sensing

Key Features

  • Market forecasts for all four biometric solutions, fingerprint, face, voice, and iris, in Munits and $M, along with the breakdown by end-system, through 2027
  • Values generated by function and wafer-start forecasts up to 2027
  • Market trends by end-system
  • Biometrics ecosystem and supply chain analysis
  • Technology trends by biometric solution, capacitive and under-display fingerprint sensing, SWIR face recognition, voice audio processing, iris technology, along with secure storage trends

What's new

  • Updated market data and forecasts in $ and units for the period 2018-2027 along with a new wafer-start analysis
  • Updated market trends for each end-system
  • Calendar-year 2021 estimates for sensor and/or components manufacturers market shares and their associated supply chains
  • Technology trends with a focus on under-display fingerprint sensors and face recognition modules using SWIR technologies
  • Overview of the secure storage technology trends, along with the associated revenues

Product objectives

This report is an update of Yole Intelligence’s “Biometrics for Consumer 2018” report and provides:

  • The latest updates on fingerprint, face, voice and iris solutions shipments and revenues from 2018 to 2027
  • Detailed analysis of the supply chain structure, values generated and wafer-start analysis for each biometry technology and security chips.
  • Comprehensive overview of the market trends for each end-system and new disruptive use-cases for biometry.
  • An in-depth analysis of future innovations and technology trends taking place in the biometry market.

This report thoroughly summarizes the 2021 biometry industry status, taking the trends for each biometry solution into account. 


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