Market and Technology Trends

Cellular RF Front-End Technologies for Mobile Handset 2021

By Yole Intelligence

5G reaching the mass market is an opportunity and threat for RF front-end legacy players, and is unifying Chinese companies.


What's new:

  • Ecosystem analysis and US/China trade war analysis
  • Market fo...

    What's new:

    • Ecosystem analysis and US/China trade war analysis
    • Market forecast and shares extracted at die level
    • RF front-end bill of material analysis
    • RF front-end architecture analysis


Key features of the report

  • RF front-end market forecast 2015–2026, in Munits and $M
  • Market share $M and ecosystem analysis
  • RF front-end technology breakdown forecast
  • Wafer-start forecast per year 2015–2026
  • 5G market trends and key features


Objectives of the report

The cellphone industry has entered a transition toward 5G. First use cases of the technology have matured and Mobile Network Operators (MNO) are proposing new services to the consumer. MNOs are strongly motivated to invest more resources and to demonstrate 5G’s added value to the consumers, as 5G is not the first thing they are thinking about. In addition, MNOs have developed advantageous commercial 5G packages, particularly in China, adding some more motivation to consumers to upgrade. In this context, 5G has strongly penetrated the smartphone market in 2020 and is expected to further grow as the network is expanding in China, in Europe and in the USA. A 5G phone is relatively more complex than a 4G phone at the RF Front End level. Therefore, it’s worth analyzing the technical trends and anticipating future changes to understand this complex market better. Indeed, as for every new air standard, 5G represents a significant opportunity for industry players to differentiate, innovate and win the market in the end. In this report, we give our view on RF Front End market evolution and its associated ecosystem.

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