Market and Technology Trends

DC Charging for Automotive 2023

By Yole Intelligence

Chargers with power higher than 200kW will drive the $17.9 billion electric vehicle DC charger system market in 2028

*DC: Direct Current


Key Features

  • 2021-2028 forecast for electric vehicle direct current (EV DC) chargers and power electronic devices for EV DC chargers in MUnits and $M
  • 2021-2028 forecast for silicon and SiC wafers for EV DC chargers
  • Market trends in e-mobility and EV DC charging infrastructure
  • Overview of the EV DC charging infrastructure supply chain, including power device manufacturers, EV DC charger module manufacturers, charger system manufacturers and charging point operators
  • Deep insight into DC charger module manufacturers, products, and technology trends
  • Comparison of EV DC charging and its alternatives such as AC charging, wireless charging and battery swapping
  • Analysis of the technology trends on different levels including charging solutions, charging systems, charging modules, and power electronic devices, with a focus on low-power DC chargers as an alternative to AC chargers, bidirectional chargers and chargers with integrated battery and SiC technology adoption.

What's new

  • 2021-2028 silicon wafer and SiC wafer forecast for EV DC chargers
  • Deep insight into DC charger module manufacturers, products, and technology trends

Product objectives

  • Provide market metrics and forecasts for DC EV chargers.
  • Analyze the drivers and challenges for electric vehicles and EV charging infrastructure.
  • Present main technological trends and ongoing developments for DC EV charger power electronics at each level including charging stations, charger topology, charger system design, power device and semiconductor technology.
  • Provide market metrics and forecasts for DC EV charger-related power electronic devices, from system down to wafer.
  • Present the evolution of electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and show how this impacts the DC EV charging market.
  • Oversee the main players across the EV DC charging supply chain.
  • Analyze how the business models and supply-chains are evolving.

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