Market and Technology Trends

Display and Optics for AR/VR 2022

By Yole Intelligence

Google catches up to Meta and Apple, chasing a consumer market estimated at 47 million units in 2027

What's new

  • A take on the renewed hype linked to the Metaverse
  • Updated volumes and values for displays and optics in headsets
  • Updated application status and trends
  • Updated details on players in the supply chain and industry discussions
  • Detailed analysis of main players’ envisioned strategies toward the consumer market

Produt objectives

  • Comprehensive survey of AR and VR in headsets, providing an in-depth understanding of the displays and associated optics
  • Provide an understanding of the current status of AR and VR in general, and more detail regarding display and optical technologies:
    • What are AR and VR? Key benefits? Display differences? Why talk optics with displays?
    • Roadblocks? How challenging? Roadmaps to overcome them?
    • Detailed analysis of key technological nodes
    • Main players and strategies? Partnerships and acquisitions?
  • For each application, market metrics are provided for displays and optics

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