Market and Technology Trends

Emerging Non-Volatile Memory 2023

By Yole Intelligence

The future of Emerging Non-Volatile Memory is in embedded applications. By 2028, ~1M 12” wafers with embedded ENVM will be shipped in a market worth ~$2.7B.


Key Features ​

  • Overview of the semiconductor memory market
  • Analysis of key applications of ENVM for embedded and stand-alone applications.
  • Technology trends leading to ENVM implementation.
  • Highlights by main player and by technology in the last year.
  • Detail and analyze the competitive landscape.
  • Market forecast, player’s roadmaps, and technical trends for PCM, MRAM and RRAM.

What’s new? ​

  • Analysis on Intel’s decision on ceasing 3D XPoint development and Optane commercialization in the coming years, as well as Optane’s legacy and updated forecast on stand-alone ENVM for Storage Class Memory (SCM) drives and Persistent Memory (PMEMmodules. 
  • Updated market forecast, player’s roadmaps, and technical trends for PCM, MRAM and RRAM.


Product ojectives

  • Present an overview of the semiconductor memory market:​
    • Stand-alone (e.g., NAND, DRAM, NOR) and embedded memory (eFlash, SRAM): main markets, and trends.​
    • Technology status and revenue by technology.​
  • Provide an understanding of emerging Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) applications:​
    • Market drivers and challenges, technology roadmap, players, and main trends are provided for ten application fields: four for stand-alone and six for embedded. Main trends and opportunities for emerging NVM are provided.​
  • Offer market forecasts for emerging NVM businesses:​
    • 2022-2028 market forecast in US$, Gb, number of dies, and equivalent 12’’ wafers. ​
    • Price evolution, by both application and technology.​
    • Forecast for ten applications and three technologies (MRAM, RRAM, PCM).​
  • Technology description of emerging NVM typologies:​
    • Working principles, manufacturing methods, advantages/limitations, development status, price, time-to-market.​
    • Roadmap with technological nodes, and chip density evolution with leading players.​
    • Latest product development status for each key market player.​
  • Detail and analyze the competitive landscape:​
    • Recent acquisitions and funding.​
    • Latest company news.​
    • Key players by technology and application.​

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