Market and Technology Trends

Fan-Out WLP and PLP Applications and Technologies 2021

By Yole Intelligence

TSMC’s Fan-Out success with Apple and high-performance computing are pushing Intel, Samsung, ASE, and all other competitors to find new innovative solutions.

What's new :

  • Market shares of manufacturers within each market class (UHD FO, HD FO, and Core FO) for 2020
  • Market shares of flip-chip vs. Fan-Out Packaging (AiP)
  • Market shares of IC substrate vs. Fan-Out Packaging (within smartphones)
  • More fabless & OEMs are engaged in UHD F
  • New players
  • New status updates of key players
  • UHD FO supply chain: what will drive the activity in the future?
  • New flavor of technologies available
  • Exciting developments leading to more technology breakthroughs

Report's key features:

  • Market valuations based on top-down and bottom-up model in package units, revenue, and wafer production volumes
  • Market shares based on production projections
  • Supply value chain analysis
  • State-of-the-art technologies and trends
  • Fan-Out Panel Level Packaging (FOPLP)
  • End-user application adoption details

Objectives of the report:

  • Identify and describe which technologies can be classified as ‘Fan-Out packaging’
  • Clearly define the different market classes of Fan-Out packaging
  • Analyze key market drivers, benefits, and challenges of Fan-Out packages by application
  • Describe the different existing technologies, their trends, and roadmaps
  • Analyze the supply chain and Fan-Out landscape
  • Update the business status of Fan-Out technology markets
  • Provide a market forecast for the coming years, and estimate future trends

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