Market and Technology Trends

Future Soldier Technologies 2021

By Yole Intelligence

Semiconductor technologies will enable increased mobility and communication for the soldier of the future. This market will reach $17.5B in 2030+.


  • Complete analysis of semiconductor equipment for infantrymen
  • Infrared, radio frequency, sensors, battery, exoskeletons
  • Key market metrics and dynamics
  • Defense environment
  • Applications-related focus based on battle environments
  • Night vision, communication, electronic warfare
  • Players, supply chain, incentives
  • Semiconductor technologies for infantry defense, up to 2050+


  • Analyzing the current and future technologies for foot soldiers for better communications, enhanced lethality, mobility, survivability, and sustainability.
  • Roadmapping the current technologies and analyzing the past 20 years. DARPA is cited as an example of an organization that has driven innovation for both defense and civilian applications over the last decades.
  • Forecasting in units/value of the different foot soldiers’ technologies: infrared, batteries, radios, sensors.
  • Giving an overview of the current world’s needs for defense applications.
  • Highlighting dual-use strategies.
  • Educating the various military collaborations.
  • Presenting the main companies involved in defense.


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