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High-End Performance Packaging 2022 – Focus on 2.5D/3D Integration

By Yole Intelligence

High-performance computing and ADAS are driving the growth of 3D performance packaging, requiring a development platform for new technologies and reaching $7.87B in 2027.

What’s new:

  • More products commercialized
  • Updated number of dies per package
  • Updated die dimensions
  • Updated package dimensions
  • Updated wafer-start figures
  • More information available on new high-end performance packages
  • Updated ASP in some situations due to a general price increase (i.e., TSMC increased its FE price by 20% approximately)

Key Features:

  • From a financial point of view, all $ are U.S.
  • Yole’s definition of High-end Performance Packaging
  • High-end Performance Packaging market segmentation
  • Market valuation in terms of package units, revenue, and wafer production volumes
  • Market valuation of key High-end Packaging technologies
  • High-end Performance Packaging market trends: end-system drivers
  • Commercialization of High-end Performance Packaging products
  • Global mapping of High-end Performance Packaging supply chain
  • Supply value chain analysis in High-end Performance Packaging
  • Application-technology roadmap of High-end Performance Packaging
  • Key players’ technology roadmaps for High-end Performance Packaging: Intel, TSMC, and Samsung
  • IP analysis: 3D SoC – hybrid bonding


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