Market and Technology Trends

Inkjet Printheads: Dispensing Technologies & Market Landscape 2019

By Yole Intelligence

Piezo printheads are accelerating commercial and industrial printing growth.

What's new

  • MEMS and conventional printhead - market forecast
  • Biodispensing introduction - technology and applications
  • Focus on the thin-film PZT supply chain
  • Functional inks and suppliers

Key features of the report

  • 2018 - 2024 printhead device market forecast in Munits and in $M, split by printhead type and application
  • Market trends, by technology and printhead type: thermal vs. piezoelectric printheads, single-pass vs. scanning modules, permanent vs. disposable devices
  • Market trends, by application: consumer, graphic printing, industrial printing (textiles, ceramic and decoration, label and packaging, printed electronics, document printing, and more)
  • Technology trends, with a focus on thin-film PZT for piezo printheads and recirculation inks
  • Printhead market ecosystem, supply chain, and evolution of printingindustry business models, highlighting the key players
  • Biodispensing focus, including description of players and dispensing technology

Objectives of the report

  • Provide data on printhead market evolution from 2018 - 2024, with breakdowns by technology, ejection type, and applications
  • Clarify the different market segments and applications
  • Offer a clear understanding of each market segment’s trends, drivers, and issues
  • Deliver key information on MEMS printhead players
  • Discuss technology trends for printhead devices, from conventional to MEMS-based technologies
  • Highlight changes in the ecosystem’s supply chain organization
  • Focus on the trends in bioprinting/biodispensing

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