Market and Technology Trends

InP 2022

By Yole Intelligence

Reaching US$5.6B in 2027, the InP device market is expanding from traditional Datacom and Telecom applications towards consumer applications.

Key Features

  • Deep understanding of InP penetration into Photonics and Radio Frequency (RF) applications
  • Complete segmentation of the InP RF Industrial & Military and photonics Datacom, Telecom, Wearable Sensing, Consumer Sensing, Medical and other applications
  • Comprehensive analysis of the InP supply chain including key players’ market shares and analyses
  • InP Photonics market value and volume projections to 2027, including split by applications and device types
  • Description of the market and technological trends in the different applications of InP
  • Device price breakdown and analysis
  • Wafer, epiwafer, and device market size and market forecast through 2027, in $M value and unit volumes


What's new

  • Substrate, epiwafer and bare-die market forecast and trends to 2027
  • InP entering the consumer market in 2022
  • Competition between InP and GaAs based laser/detectors in the consumer market
  • Roadmap of InP based consumer devices and their rationales
  • Company profile of new players, new entrants into the InP ecosystem


Product objective

  • The aim of this report is to provide a clear understanding of the InP-based photonics and RF industries
  • This report demonstrates the application markets of InP, which are divided into photonics and RF sectors
  • In this report we cover the markets from wafer to bare die for photonics applications, and from wafer to epiwafer for RF applications, in unit volumes and revenue value
  • We provide a market forecast from 2021 till 2027 for InP wafers, epiwafers, and bare dies
  • We review the supply chain of InP by identifying the key players and analyze their revenues and capacities
  • We examine the application landscape and associated technologies for InP devices

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