Market and Technology Trends

Lighting for Automotive 2022

By Yole Intelligence

Automotive lighting, innovation, and new functionalities are spreading across front, rear, and interior applications, pushing the market to $42.5B in 2027

What’s new

  • Update of automotive lighting market: body lighting, interior lighting, rear lighting, front lighting
  • Analysis of Tier-1s’ market shares
  • Analysis of recent mergers and acquisitions
  • Comparison of high-resolution headlamp technologies
  • Possible integration of LiDAR in headlamps

Key features

  • Market data and forecasts for 2018-2027 in units, US$ by application
  • Automotive lighting main trends and market drivers for body, interior, rear, and front lighting applications
  • Competitive landscape with player market shares, supply chain analysis, and market dynamics
  • Technology descriptions and comparisons, main trends, and focus on front lighting systems

Product objectives

  • Analyze the automotive lighting market and applications' current status and future trends
  • Review the automotive lighting industry's structure and future trends
  • Discuss the main technologies used for automotive lighting and associated roadmaps
  • Examine the main lighting systems used for automotive applications and associated roadmaps
  • Provide market insights for 2018-2027 for automotive lighting applications

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