Market and Technology Trends

MicroLED 2022

By Yole Intelligence

After $11B collectively spent by the industry, microLED inches closer to mass production with Apple-Osram’s milestone €800M fab and other projects.

Key Features

  • MicroLED display panel and wafer demand forecast.
  • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats by application: wearables, AR/VR, TV, automotive, smartphone, etc.
  • Technology status: transfer, efficiency, driving, color, tiling, MicroLED-In-Package, etc.
  • Competitive landscape: key players, collaborations, acquisitions.
  • Manufacturing and supply chain: requirements, major fab projects, equipment availability for front end, transfer & assembly, metrology, test and repair.
  • Cost aspects, roadmaps.

What's new

  • Recent news and events
  • Trends in technology and competitive landscape, new players
  • Detailed analysis of microLED R&D spending, acquisitions, fabs, and manufacturing investment schedules.
  • MicroLED-in-Package
  • Updated cost and die size roadmaps, analysis of the emerging microLED manufacturing and equipment ecosystem: requirements, challenges, strategies, and competitive landscape.
  • Comparison of micro-display manufacturing approaches.

Product objectives

Present an updated status of microLED technologies:

  • Recent progress.
  • What are the remaining pinch points?
  • Cost aspects, roadmaps.

Show the competitive landscape and supply chain:

  • Understand the microLED ecosystem: LED makers, equipment providers, panel makers, and OEMs; key players, who does what, who works with whom?
  • Scenarios for microLED display supply chain: OEMs, display makers, equipment makers, start-ups, and technology providers.
  • Impact on the display supply chain.

Which applications could microLED displays address and when?

  • Detailed analyses and roadmaps for major display applications.
  • Cost analyses and roadmaps.

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