Market and Technology Trends

Next Generation TV Panel Technology and Market Trends 2020

By Yole Intelligence

China has won the LCD war. Now, LG, Samsung and others are readying complex and expensive technology investments to fight the battle for the next generation of TVs.

What's new

  • Fully updated TV panel forecast and supply/d...

    What's new

    • Fully updated TV panel forecast and supply/demand analysis
    • Detailed analysis of TV panel maker status and strategies
    • Detailed analysis of miniLED backlights
    • Analysis of Samsung’s QNED technology

Key features of the report

  • TV panel forecast by size, technology
  • TV panel capacity forecast by region, panel maker, fab generation and technology
  • Panel maker profile and strategy
  • Analysis and forecast of emerging TV features: large sizes, 8K, high dynamic range, wide color gamut
  • Analysis and forecast of current and future TV technologies: enhanced LCD including QD films, phosphors, miniLED and dual cells, OLED, including WOLED, RGG inkjet-printed OLED and QD-OLED and emerging self-emissive technologies, including microLED and QNED and electroluminescent QD

Objectives of the report

  • Provide a detailed analysis of the status of the TV Panel industry: capacity, volume forecasts, supply vs. demand analysis, strategy of key players, Covid-19 impact etc.
  • Analyze present and future TV panel technologies including: LCD plus quantum dot color filters (QDCF), miniLED, Dual Cell, WOLED, RGB OLED inkjet, microLED, QNED, EL-QD.
  • Analyze the key features of next-generation TVs including 8K, high dynamic range and wide color gamut, understand which technologies are best-positioned to deliver them, and explore the intersections to understand the impact on leading panel makers and their strategies.

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