Market and Technology Trends

Piezoelectric Devices: From Bulk to Thin-Film 2019

By Yole Intelligence

How strongly will piezoelectric’s good vibrations resonate in the device market?

Key features of the report

  • Introduction to piezoelectric devices: sensors, actuators, and transducers based on the piezoelectric effect
  • From bulk piezoelectric materials (quartz, ceramics, polymers) to thin-film materials (using piezo solutions or PVD targets)
  • 2018 - 2024 market forecasts for piezo devices (in units, value, and wafers (for thin-film-based devices concerning wafers))
  • Market trends, by device type (inkjet heads, inertial MEMS, micromirrors, micro-pumps, RF filters, etc.) and product availability
  • Detailed analysis of the manufacturing process and challenges ahead, including technology roadmaps
  • Piezoelectric device supply chain, focusing on key industrial market players’ positioning: device makers, equipment & materials suppliers

Objectives of the report

Provide an overview of piezo devices and related applications:

  • Description of the key piezo applications for sensors, actuators, and transducers
  • Analysis of the transition from bulk to thin-film piezo devices

Analyze deposition trends:

  • Global manufacturing techniques and material trends
  • Focus on deposition techniques used for thin-film piezo devices

Describe each player’s product roadmap and expected year of market entry:

  • Supply chain analysis
  • Foundry players and technology choice

Furnish market data and forecasts for piezo-based sensors, actuators, and transducers:

  • Piezo device production forecast 2018 - 2024 in units, value, and wafers, by application
  • Market share for main thin-film device manufacturers

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