Market and Technology Trends

Radar for Automotive 2022

By Yole Intelligence

Imaging radar will drive the next growth wave and reach $4.3B by 2027, equating to 30% of the total radar market

Key features

  • Forecast for radar devices by type (standard, 4D, imaging, OMS) 2015 to 2027
  • Forecast for radar devices by operating frequency from 2015 to 2027
  • Market share for main radar suppliers
  • Radar IC market forecast by main component (processor, RFIC, PMIC, networking) from 2015 to 2027
  • Market share for main radar IC suppliers
  • RFIC market forecast by technology (GaAs, SiGe, CMOS, FDSOI) from 2015 to 2027
  • RFIC wafer market forecast by wafer size and substrate from 2015 to 2027
  • Major Radar IC supplier profiles
  • Market trends for radar IC

What’s new

  • Radar devices and ICs market update
  • Extended radar IC coverage to radar processor, PMIC, networking chips in addition to RFICs
  • Top 20 radar devices player ranking
  • Top 10 radar IC player ranking
  • Radar semiconductor industry landscape, focus on new player and China ecosystem
  • Focus on fundraising dedicated to radar
  • The impact of COVID-19, supply chain business models, and chip shortages on the market

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