Market and Technology Trends

Semiconductor Trends in Automotive 2022

By Yole Intelligence

Expected to reach $80.7B and 11.6% of the semiconductor industry in 2027, the automotive semiconductor segment is going through disruptive transitions and a new deal.

Key Features

  • Status of the automotive industry
  • Overview of the technological and industrial challenges
  • Analysis of new entrants and changes in the value chain
  • Player positioning
  • Overview of automated driving, electrification, and connectivity in cars
  • Market forecasts in modules, units, and wafers for semiconductors in automotive
  • Forecast of semiconductor wafer size and nodes for in cars (for different wafer materials)
  • Technology roadmaps

What's new

  • Update of OEM car shipments
  • Focus on supply chain strategies for automotive semiconductors
  • Focus on new entrants’ strategies
  • Focus on Chinese players 

Product objectives

  • To provide an in-depth understanding of the changing automotive industry ecosystem and supply chain players
  • To detail the current and future internal and external factors affecting the durability of the car industry
  • To provide a complete overview of the current technology trends and a 2021-2027 market forecast in US$, units, and wafers for cars. This includes Connectivity, Lighting, Sensing, ADAS, Electrification, and Computing
  • To provide key technical insights and analyses about future technology trends and challenges.
    • Key technology choices
    • Technology dynamics
    • Emerging technologies and roadmaps
    • Semiconductor content in cars

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