Performance Analysis

SiC MOSFET Discretes Perfomance Comparison Analysis 2024 Vol 1

By Yole SystemPlus

Unlocking the potential: a comparative performance & technology analysis of five SiC MOSFETs from Infineon, STMicroelectronics and others

Yole Group Viewpoint – What’s next for SiC? The focus is shifting


Key Features

  • Static Performance test Analysis and comparison of various metrics:  on-state resistance, threshold voltage, breakdown voltage, leakage currents (gate-source, drain-source)…
  • Performance test results for different temperatures: -55°C, -40°C, 25°C, 150°C, 175°C.
  • Main Physical Analysis linked to performance metrics. (Package opening, Die cross-section…)
  • Performance comparison versus technology & cost

Report objectives

  • Provide a performance analysis and comparison of 5 discrete SiC MOSFETs of 1200V-class from worldwide players: Wolfspeed (C3M0075120D), ROHM (SCT3080KLHR), Infineon (AIMW120R080M1), STMicroelectronics (SCTW40N120G2VAG), Anbonsemi (AS1M080120P), and a reference Si IGBT device from Infineon (IKW15N120CS7)
  • Provide a comprehensive evaluation of the device's behavior under steady-state conditions. (The performance analysis focuses on the static performances of the devices. No dynamic test is performed in this volume of the report).
  • Conduct tests at different test temperatures (-55°C, -40°C, 25°C, 150°C, 175°C) and in accordance with JEDEC norms and standards
  • Compare the measured performance parameters of the tested devices.
  • Highlight the merits of the tested device based on the static performance test results.
  • Complement datasheet information by this third-party objective comparison realized under identical test conditions.
  • Establish “Yole Selection Guide for SiC beyond datasheet information, to select the most performant device candidates fulfilling multiple performance criteria.
  • Establish the performance versus cost roadmap for the SiC MOSFETs.

What's new?

  • New type of product from Yole Group featuring performance test comparison of SiC MOSFETs.
  • This third-party objective comparison is realized under identical test conditions which is rarely the case if one tries to compare separately the performance based on datasheets.


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