Market and Technology Trends

Solid-State Battery 2021

By Yole Intelligence

Solid-state battery as an ultimate milestone in companies’ battery roadmaps.

What's new:

  • Update of companies’ plans concerning commercial introduction of solid-state battery
  • Updated market forecast up to 2027
  • Analysis of the perception of solid-state battery by investors and automotive companies, and how it has evolved in recent years
  • Supply chain update


Key features of the report:

  • 2020 - 2027 total Li-ion battery forecast in MWh
  • 2020 - 2027 solid-state battery forecast in MWh, split by application
  • In-depth analysis of technology challenges and different approaches for bringing solid-state battery technology to market
  • Overview of the main companies involved in solid-state battery development
  • Analysis of what is needed for successful solid-state battery market entry


Objectives of the report:

  • Offer in-depth insight into the key drivers and value propositions of solid-state battery technologies, and comparisons with conventional Li-ion batteries
  • Provide an analysis of the remaining challenges in bringing solid-state batteries to commercialization, with a dedicated focus on different applications
  • Present the main potential applications for solid-state batteries and the value proposition of solid-state batteries in these applications
  • Furnish a market forecast for solid-state batteries
  • Analyze different approaches for solid-state battery commercialization
  • Deliver an overview of different solid-state electrolyte materials and manufacturing methods for solid-state battery cells
  • Identify the main trends in the solid-state battery supply chain. Provide a detailed analysis of the supply chain, including main R&D and industrial players, partnerships, and business approaches. Additional focus is given to companies that are using their know-how (in ceramic materials, etc.) to diversify their business towards solid-state batteries

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