Market and Technology Trends

Status of Medical Imaging Equipment and Detectors 2020

By Yole Intelligence

Semiconductor technologies continue to revolutionize the medical imaging market by enabling point of care and disposable systems.

What's new

  • The scope of the report was enlarged to consider a new modality: MRI
  • COVID effect on Q1 2020
  • Rapid rise of new companies in ultrasound and molecular imaging
  • Analysis of the OCT market

Key features of the report

  • Market data in units and value at the equipment level from 2015 to 2025 for Ultrasound, Molecular imaging, MRI, OCT, X-ray and endoscopy
  • Players and market shares for each modality
  • Insight at the detector level for the main type of sensors for every modality - Data in units and value for these sensors
  • Players for the detector level with market shares for most modalities
  • Supply chains for each modality and the equipment and detector level

Objectives of the report

  • Give an overview for the six major modalities in the medical imaging industry from the equipment to the detector level for: MRI, X-ray, OCT, ultrasound, endoscopy and molecular imaging, with data on market size, and units sold, from 2015 to 2025.
  • Provide insight about the drivers underlying these market trends and ecosystems at the detectors level and particularly the general change towards semiconductor-based detectors for most of the modalities.
  • Understand every factor about the dynamics for each modality of the medical imaging market at the equipment and detector level. As an example, seeing the development of single use, or point of care system is allowed thanks to the development of cheaper semiconductor components.

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