Market and Technology Trends

Status of Panel Level Packaging 2018

By Yole Intelligence

Panel level packaging players are ready for high volume production.


  • Updated 2017 - 2023 Panel Level Packaging (PLP) forecast, by packaging platform
  • Updated, in-depth analysis of potential applications that could drive the PLP business
  • Update on the activities of the various players involved in PLP
  • Updated “Equipment and Materials” section: in-depth coverage of the processes, tools, and materials for PLP, as well as technical challenges, key suppliers, and competitive benchmarking
  • Equipment suppliers’ PLP-specific strategies
  • Different players’ PLP technology development, readiness, and adoption time
  • Comprehensive analysis of the various manufacturing challenges for PLP adoption
  • Revised technology roadmap (based on the 2017 - 2023 high volume manufacturing technology roadmap)


  • Overview of panel packaging technologies that are available or in-development: FOWLP panel and embedded die
  • Commercialization status, market adoption, and potential for each packaging technology
  • Drivers and challenges for technology adoption
  • Per-player product/technology description and analysis
  • Detailed supply chain, market adoption roadmap, and volume forecast for each panel platform
  • Panel adoption and panel equipment readiness roadmap
  • Equipment and materials challenges


  • Provide an overview of panel package technologies
  • Describe the key applications that could use the panel infrastructure
  • Highlight panel package solutions and the players supporting these packages
  • Identify the current and future industrial players for each packaging technology, based on panel level
  • Provide market data and forecasts for panel products
  • Explore each segment’s competitive landscape

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