Market and Technology Trends

Status of the Advanced IC Substrate Industry 2022

By Yole Intelligence

Five golden years of advanced IC substrate business will push revenue to a record high of $29B in 2027, as new players move to high volume production

Key Features

  • Focus on three advanced IC substrate-related platforms: Advanced Integrated Circuit (IC) Substrates, Substrate-Like Printed Circuit Boards (SLP) and Embedded Die (ED)
  • Advanced IC substrate market forecast including Ajinomoto Build-up Film (ABF) substrate, in $US, units and wafers.
  • Advanced IC substrate technology and key player trends.
  • Advanced IC substrate supply chain and shortage issue.
  • Advanced IC substrate investment news.
  • Advanced IC substrate equipment and material players in the supply chain.
  • Financial analysis of players in China.

What's new

  • Updated the news in advanced IC substrate investments.
  • Updated technology trends with new technologies announced by players.
  • Updated roadmap until year 2027.
  • Update on IC substrate shortage issue.
  • Updated competitive technologies and opportunities in advanced packaging
  • Added IC substrates to cover Flip Chip Systems-in-Packages (FC SiP), Ultra High Density Fan-Out (UHD FO) and 2.5D/3D packages.
  • Added ABF market forecast through 2027, in $US, units and panels.
  • Added equipment and material players in IC substrate supply chain.
  • Added IC substrate players in China.

Product objectives


  • Focusing on three advanced IC substrate platforms
    • Advanced IC substrate
    • Substrate like Printed Circuit Board (SLP)
    • Embedded die
  • Deliver overview of below topics for each substrate platform
    • Market trends and drivers with key applications and how we foresee the roadmap in the future
    • Forecast for unit production, panel production and revenue
    • Technology roadmap with detail of existing technology
    • Supply chain with who is using which technologies and how the supply chain is organized.
  • Overview of Chinese IC substrate makers and how they affect the market.

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