Market and Technology Trends

Status of the Compound Semiconductor Industry 2022

By Yole Intelligence

The compound semiconductor substrate market is strongly driven by power and photonics applications, reaching close to $2.4B by 2027 with a 16% CAGR.

Key Features

  • Market forecast for compound semiconductor (CS) substrate and epiwafer, split by material, until 2027
  • Game-changing news in CS over the past years
  • Industry trends and requirements in various markets adopting CS technologies
  • Technology trends and focus on substrate diameter evolution
  • Ecosystem analysis and investment, split by material
  • Capacity expansion roadmap at different levels of the supply chain
  • The synergy between different ecosystems and the opportunities of Si players to enter
  • List of top-ranked players in each CS material, and their revenues
  • Company profiles of 10 key compound semiconductor players, and revenue breakdown
  • Analysis of emerging substrates and outlook for the CS industry

Product objectives

Context for the compound semiconductor (CS) markets in RF, power, photonics, and display applications and forecasts during the 2021 - 2027 timeframe

  • Game-changing news in the CS industry
  • Key drivers that are growing the CS market
  • CS substrate and epiwafer market values and volumes, by application and technology

Analyze the industry trends for each CS substrate

  • The opportunities for CS in different market verticals
  • The competition between the various CS and Si technologies

Review the CS ecosystems

  • Players’ strategies at different levels of the supply chain
  • Synergies between industries and players
  • Special focus on capacity expansion of players
  • Significant events and latest trends of market players
  • The developmental focus in different regions

Technology trends for CS substrates, as well as emerging substrates

  • The latest technological developments
  • The benefits and challenges
  • Technology maturity and market status of emerging substrates

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