Market and Technology Trends

Status of the Microfluidics Industry 2024

By Yole Intelligence

With Almost $19B worth in 2023, the microfluidics market is experiencing a declining demand from consumer applications while industrial and medical applications are boosted by technological innovation


Report's objectives

This Yole Intelligence report is an updated version of the 2023 report providing a complete analysis of microfluidic device/module applications, markets, and technologies.

His new version provides:

  • New significant trends and evolution in the microfluidic industry markets, applications, and business models
  • Presentation of the hot spots where things are moving, along with future high-potential applications
  • Analysis of strategic moves since 2021 (post-COVID pandemic period): mergers and acquisitions, fundraising, etc.
  • Understanding of the competitive environment with an overview of key players, the evolution of microfluidic vendors’ market shares per segment, and fabs’ market shares
  • Updated market data and forecast up to 2029, in value and volume for microfluidic devices and modules, with insights on the materials market (polymer, PDMS, glass wafers, silicon wafers)
  • Supply chain description and analysis
  • Latest technology trends (materials, manufacturing, biology, biosensors, etc.)

This report thoroughly summarizes the 2023 microfluidics market, considering the trends for each application. The report was finalized in mid-June 2024, so the data is the latest available.

Key Features 

  • Market segmentation, data, and forecasts for 2024 - 2029, by devices and modules, in units and dollars, including materials ratio.
  • A detailed explanation of current and future market trends, covering several applications of microfluidic technologies.
  • Market share at the module and fab level, In comparison to the last two years, explaining the dynamics.
  • Fundraising and M&A analysis to help understand the ecosystem’s dynamics.
  • Description of the supply chain involving various players as a function of the materials used.
  • Materials, manufacturing, and other technology trends, along with roadmaps.

What’s new?

  • Inkjet printing technologies were added.
  • Focus on market trends related to Consumer, industrial, and medical markets.
  • Analysis and forecast by type of microfluidic modules.

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