Market and Technology Trends

Status of the Power Converter Industry 2023

By Yole Intelligence

Renewable energy and electrification of everything drive the power converter market toward $146B by 2028.


Key Features 

  • Power converter 2018-2028 market size and value. The total market value for power converters will reach $146.1 B by 2028.
  • 2018-2028 market numbers for nine power converter applications: xEV, rail, wind turbines, battery energy storage systems (BESS), photovoltaics, industrial motor drives, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), EV DC chargers and high voltage direct current lines (HVDC) in Munits and $B.
  • Market trends in all analyzed application segments.
  • Overview of the power converter supply chain and key players for each application segment.
  • Deep insight into global power converter technology trends and technology trends by application.

Product objectives :

  • Provide an overview of the main applications for power converters (9 segments analyzed in this report).
  • Provide market metrics and forecasts for power converters for each market segment
  • Analyze the market drivers and understand the dynamics of each market segment and the synergies between them
  • Give an overview of the power converter supply chain (devices, modules, converters, and system levels)
  • Have an overview of power converter/system leaders by segment
  • Analyze the shifting of business models, synergies with other industries, and opportunities for newcomers in the converter segment
  • Furnish an analysis of inverter technology trends by each application

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