Market and Technology Trends

Ultra-Premium Flagship Smartphones Image Performance: End-User Perspective 2021

By Yole Intelligence

End-user performance does not correlate with main sensor resolution in ultra-premium flagships; bigger is not necessarily always better.

Report objectives

Understand 2021 flagships image performance:

  • Leading smartphone camera
  • From the End-user perspective
  • What are the performance drivers : Hardware and Software?

Offer key technical insights and analyses into high-end smartphone photography application:

  • Exposure / Color / AF DoF / Texture & Noise / Bokeh / Night / Preview/ Tele Zoom
  • Key players performance comparison : Apple / Huawei / Samsung / Xiaomi
  • Analysis of the performance compromise / strategy

Deliver an in-depth understanding of the technological levers:

  • What are the hardware solutions to improve image performance?
  • What are the software solutions to improve image performance?

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