Performance Analysis

UVC LED Beyond Covid-19: Performance Analysis and Comparison Report 2023

By Piseo

The increase in UVC LED performance leads to the emergence of new players and trends in the disinfection application market.


Key Features

  • UV radiation
  • Main applications of UVC radiation (disinfection / purification / sterilization, analytical instruments, etc.)
  • Disinfection by UVC radiation (disinfection mechanism, fundamental quantities, 222 nm wavelength, benefits and risks)
  • UVC light sources (UVC lamps, UVC LED technology)
  • Intellectual property
  • Portfolio analysis of UVC LED manufacturers
  • Comparison of the UVC LEDs proposed on the market
  • Designing UVC LED systems for disinfection
  • Implementation of systems based on UVC LEDs
  • Overview and analysis of marketed products
  • UVC LED market and industry
  • Regulations and standardization

What's new

  • Updated LED performance data
  • New packaged manufacturers identified
  • New UVC LED references identified
  • Enriched analysis of the UVC LED offer on the market
  • Updated trends on the market, with hindsight of the Covid-19 pandemic’s impact
  • Updated status on regulations and standardization
  • Trends for replacement of low-power mercury lamps by UVC LED technology

Product objectives

  • Provide a comparison of the UVC LEDs proposed on the market.
  • Highlight the existing and potential applications for UVC LED.
  • Propose answers to the question of the relevancy of using UVC LED technology for disinfection.
  • Offer UVC LED manufacturers and integrators an overview and analysis of the UVC LED market offer, including manufacturers’ claimed performances.
  • Furnish some hints for integration of UVC LED in a system.
  • Accentuate details of the UVC LED products marketed.
  • Review UVC LED market status and trends.
  • Recap progress on regulations and standardization.

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