Market and Technology Trends

WLCSP/ Fan-In Packaging Technologies and Market 2020

By Yole Intelligence

WLCSP (Wafer Leve CSP)/Fan-In Packaging market secures its place as a “mainstream workhorse” driven by mobile & consumer adoption as WLCSP remains leading packaging form factor for latest iPhone 12.

What’s new

  • Updated WLCSP / Fan-In market forecast 2019-2025
  • Updated WLCSP / Fan-In market share 2019
  • Updated product/application mix
  • Updated WLCSP supply chain
  • Updated market / product evolution landscape
  • Top players in WLCSP / Fan-In packaging market update

Key features of the report

  • WLCSP definition and scope
  • WLCSP technology roadmap
  • WLCSP process flow
  • WLCSP package market forecast 2019-2025
  • WLCSP / Fan-In wafer production
  • WLCSP supplier market share 2019
  • WLCSP global supply chain
  • Next generation WLCSP side-mold protection: Deca’s M-Series
  • WLCSP / Fan-In emerging markets
  • WLCSP / Fan-In emerging packaging form factors
  • WLCSP / Fan-In 8” versus 12” market share
  • WLCSP / Fan-In business models: OSATs vs. IDMs

Objectives of the report

The main objectives of this report are:

  • To identify and describe which technologies can be classified as ‘WLCSP packaging’
  • To define clearly the different market classes of WLCSP packaging
  • To analyze key market drivers, benefits and challenges of WLCSP packages by application
  • To describe the different existing technologies, their trends and roadmaps
  • To analyze the supply chain and WLCSP landscape
  • To update the business status of WLCSP technology markets
  • To provide a market forecast for the coming years, and estimate future trends

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