Detailed Teardown

LG Electronics TLVHM3IU-E (OCU3 High) Telematic Control Unit

By Yole SystemPlus

Track Automotive
Manufacturer LG Electronics
Module Telematics
Price at release

603 $

Country of Origin



  • Ultra high-resolution photos and interactive zooming (100%)
  • Overview and identification of all the parts included in the system

Bill Of Material Edition

  • Identification of all the electronic components
  • Datasheet links

Technology Analysis & Cross-section

  • Advanced analysis of important parts : main ICs, Sensors, Substrates
  • Cross-sections
  • SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy) & X-rays photos
  • EDX (Energy Dispersive X-ray spectrometry) to identify the materials

Component Costing & Mechanical Parts Costing

  • Cost estimation of each electronic components and parts
  • Material cost breakdowns to identify the influence of each cost

Manufacturing Process Modelization & Assembly Costing

  • Datasheet links-Cost estimation of each assembly steps, for electronic boards and complete electronic systems

Manufacturing Cost & Price

  • Estimation of average financial parameters of the manufacturer: R&D, G&A, Profit
  • Estimation of the average Manufacturer Price of the complete system

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