Apple’s display tech choice in Vision Pro

An article written by Junko Yoshida, for THE OJO & YOSHIDA REPORT – Its latest Vision Pro display technology reveals that Apple’s quixotic quest for exotic microLED technology remains unfulfilled.

What’s at stake:

Displays inside Apple’s Vision Pro are based on Micro-OLED, most likely made by Sony, not the microLED technology in which Apple has invested decades of work and capital. What has gone wrong? (…)


So, what exactly is Micro-OLED?

While Micro-OLED today is usually built on 8-inch wafers, Virey suspects that the displays installed inside Vision Pro might have been manufactured on 12-inch wafers.

Micro-OLED technology, also referred to as “OLED on silicon” (OLED-on si), is “a fairly mature technology where very high-resolution OLED display is built directly on a Si CMOS backplane,” explained Yole Intelligence’s senior analyst Eric Virey, a microLED technology expert and a veteran Apple watcher.

For this headset, “the supplier is most likely Sony,” said Yole’s Virey.

As with any components inside Apple products, Apple will mandate a broader ecosystem built around Micro-OLED. There are telltale signs that Apple has been working this strategy, encouraging display manufacturers to support Micro-OLED.  

According to Virey, Apple has been steering LG and Samsung toward Micro-OLED. “LG has been offering OLED-On-Si displays for some time,” he observed. 

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