LiDAR market upheavals: who’s next for M&A?

An article by Junko Yoshida for the OJO & YOSHIDA REPORT, in collaboration with Pierrick Boulay, Senior Technology & Market Analyst in the Photonics and Sensing Division at Yole Intelligence, part of Yole Group – Previously high-flying lidar startups continue to burn cash as total assets dwindle. LiDAR suppliers in China are picking up the slack.

LiDAR - partnership 2022

What’s at stake?

LiDAR startups that developed new and innovative technologies once appeared to be ushering in the robotaxi era. But the automotive industry’s demands, coupled with geopolitics, have transformed the market, forcing lidar startups to fight for survival. Who should merge with whom, and which companies are acquisition targets?  

Ouster and Velodyne are the first two lidar companies to announce a merger among a wave of anticipated consolidations. The pair declared they were joining forces in early November.