Rounding up a return to a vibrant Display Week 2023

An article by By Peter Palomaki for Display Daily – Los Angeles welcomed more than 5,000 display professionals last week in what finally felt like a true return to in-person conferencing. Attendees from all over the globe gathered to discuss, share, and see the latest in display technology. While some exhibits were a bit smaller than pre-covid, there was still plenty to gawk at. Too much for me to summarize it all here, so I will pick a few highlights that remain fresh in my mind as I travel home after a week of non-stop meetings, presentations, and networking.(…)

MicroLED continues to build momentum. There were plenty of demos for micro-displays that will drive forward the AR and VR displays of the future, but also larger display made with MicroLEDs that looked pretty great! Cost will take time to come down, but given the push from all the big players (and many small ones) it seems likely that in the next few years we will see a display with MicroLED (that doesn’t require a high interest refinance on your house to afford). Eric Virey from Yole Intelligence, part of Yole Group, gave a nice summary of all the fabs under construction or planned, and quite a list it is! From the experts I heard from at Display Week it sounds like the apple watch (2025?) will probably be the first true consumer MicroLED product to look forward to…

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