We talk Micro-LED technology and market with Yole Développement

Interview powered by MICROLED-Info – Market research firm Yole Développement has been following the Micro-LED market for some years with some very interesting insights and forecasts. Yole’s technology & market analyst Zine Bouhamri was kind enough to discuss Yole’s Micro-LED views with us. Mr. Zine is is a member of the Photonics, Sensing & Display division at Yole and he’s deeply involved in the business development of the Displays unit activities.

Q: Hello Zine, thanks for your time! Yole says that Micro-LED display technology is not yet ready… but you see progress on all fronts. What are the main challenges still to be overcome in this market?

As has been discussed for some time now, the assembly process always appeared to be the most daunting one. Recently, however, we have seen some assembly technologies delivering close to 99.99% or even 99.999% yields. Assembly is still a major challenge, but we are seeing some very encouraging rapid progress.

Effort is still needed on many of the technological components required to manufacture a proper microLED display: color conversion, light management, driving, and many others. We think some of these challenges have been overlooked because everybody focused on tackling the assembly problem first… Full interview