From consumer to automotive, System Plus Consulting is at the cutting edge of innovative technologies

Sensor technologies are a driving force in making entirely autonomous vehicles a reality. Radars, multiple camera systems and more are already currently embedded in high-end vehicles.

Within 10 years, more and more innovative electronic solutions will be developed to ensure this transformation in the automotive industry and allow ADAS  advances; indeed the ADAS market is expected to grow from US$2 billion to US$3.9 billion in 2017 .
Amidst this industrial revolution, System Plus Consulting analyzes and models the production cost and selling price of semiconductors, electronic boards and systems for various companies, including automotive OEMs .
System Plus Consulting allows you to enter into the world of technology – radars, cameras, drones, smartphones – what’s inside?

To follow the industry’s evolution and the development of the competitiveness between electronic components and systems suppliers for automotive applications, System Plus Consulting provides companies with accurate estimations of manufacturing costs and selling prices. But that’s not all. “Using an engineering-based approach, we propose a dedicated methodology and related tools to validate strategic technical choices and identify the best market positioning”, says Lizzie Levenez, Global Sales Manager, System Plus Consulting.

The reverse engineering and costing company is supporting companies by providing more than 100 impressive technical and strategic analyses per year. System Plus Consulting can tell you everything you ever wanted to know about your electronic devices.

The automotive industry is welcoming increasingly innovative technologies from the consumer market. Under this context, players are looking for a better understanding of the consumer technologies applied to automotive systems.

With an estimated market of US$244 million in 2015 , FOWLP  technology is monitored and analyzed daily by System Plus Consulting’s engineers. Recent reports such as Delphi RaCam Reverse Costing and Bosch Mid-Range Radar Sensor Reverse Costing (more information on System Plus Consulting’s website, reports section), are demonstrating the significance of this technical approach and benefits for automotive companies in term of integration, performances and costs. Indeed, System Plus Consulting’s engineers have extensive experience in opening all types of packages, producing cross-sections of fragile materials and observing specific process elements. Such results are typically part of System Plus Consulting’s analyses.

“Within the automotive industry, manufacturing costs and selling prices are key,” asserts Romain Fraux, Project Manager, MEMS devices, ICs and Advanced Packaging at System Plus Consulting. And he adds: “At System Plus Consulting, with our dedicated laboratory equipped with a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), we have significant expertise to perform valuable analyses. We work closely with costing and purchasing divisions to help them select the right technology and define their strategic market positioning” (Source: Webcast entitled “How car electrification, autonomous driving, and new lighting technologies are transforming the automotive industry”. Yole Développement, June 2016).

System Plus Consulting is Yole’s sister company; both combine their technical, marketing, reverse engineering and costing know-how in the “More than Moore” semiconductor industry, to be at the cutting edge of innovation and the most recent technologies. An ISO 9001 certification is also planned for the end of the year.

In addition to reports, custom analyses and tools, System Plus Consulting is also organizing training sessions based on cost methods of ICs, MEMS and boards. These courses are designed to provide updated information on technologies, production processes in electronics, and explain their impact on manufacturing cost and selling price. More information is available.

System Plus Consulting will attend Electronica 2016 (November 8-11, Messe München, Germany).
Feel free to visit the System Plus Consulting team (Booth # B5.224/4). Contact: Lizzie Levenez.