System Plus Consulting confirms that the Apple A10 processor uses Integrated FanOut (inFO) technology from TSMC!

A10 SystemPlus SEpt2016System Plus Consulting will soon release a complete report on TSMC’s Integrated FanOut (inFO) technology used for Apple’s A10 processor packaging. Featured in the latest Apple iPhone 7, the processor has higher performance, higher thermal dissipation, larger area, and lower power consumption compared to the previous generation A9 – and is much thinner. 

This 3D component from Apple and TSMC integrates Samsung DRAM memories and a CPU, stacked in fan-out PoP (Package-on-Package) configuration, also including Through inFO Vias. The package also features an innovative integration of passive components.

The Fan-Out advanced packaging platform market will be worth $492M in 2016 and is expected to exceed $2.5B in 2021, according to Yole Développement’s recent report, Fan-Out: Technologies & Market Trends 2016. While TSMC is driving the fan-out market, multiple companies are entering the field.

The report will include a complete physical analysis of the 3D Fan-Out packaging process, with details on all technical choices regarding processes and equipment. It will also feature a complete comparison with the Apple A9 PoP process and also Samsung’s latest PoP with Through Molded Vias and Qualcomm PoP with Molded Core Embedded Package technology (more).

Apple A10 processor PoP cross section SC Sept2016

Apple A10 processor PoP cross-section (Courtesy of System Plus Consulting)

Be informed once the analysis is completed, clicking here

Also, System Plus Consulting, in partnership with Yole Développement, has identified the complete manufacturing supply chain in order to provide a detailed description of the manufacturing process with cost calculations.


Dr. Stéphane Elisabeth has joined System Plus Consulting team this year to provided his deep knowledge in RF application, material characterization and Electronic systems. He holds an Engineering degree in RF and Digital Technology, and a PhD in Materials for Microelectronics.



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