What will the rapid growth in this advanced packaging market mean for the supply chain: OSATs, IDMs, Fabless, and material and equipment suppliers?

On January 18th, 2016, four market experts will come together at the European 3D Summit “Market Briefing” to try to answer this question. Speakers will include Rozalia Beica, Yole Développement, Christian Knochenhauer, Mc Kinsey, Linda Bal, TechSearch International and Romain Fraux, System Plus Consulting. In addition to explaining the effects of the expansion of the 3D Advanced Packaging sector, the four invited speakers will also share their viewpoints on the future outlook for the market structure.

This year European 3D Summit extends its scope of coverage (beyond TSV) because there’s a wider range of 3D topics included like the FO-WLP in PoP. This year we saw increasing adoption of 3D in memory stacks, high performance computing and also Fan-out.
As the scope of coverage has changed, so has the agenda focus, as we are way beyond proving out the technology concepts. This year, the agenda focuses on the applications and technology innovation. There are two strong sessions on high performance computing with a keynote speech from Dr Li at Cisco; and imaging applications with presentations from Olympus, Invensas, STMicroelectronics. Other applications discussed include mobile, automotive and wearable devices. A fully devoted session to FO-WLP shows also how much industry activity is hot in this field and will be illuminated by THE 2ND Keynote Ramakanth Alapati from GLOBAFOUNDRIES and also major players sush as Nanium, AMKOR and SPTS.
New technologies and mass manufacturing for innovative products will be addressed by an impressive set of top invited speakers from : CEA-Leti, ATOS, Redbelt Conseil, Imec, ASE, XFAb, Fraunhofer IIS/EAS, SET, 3M, Mentor Graphics, Xintec, AT&S and ams….

One addition to the program is a start-up pitch session with Q&A in place of a panel discussion. The three, featured start-ups, aveni, 3DiS Technologies, and a spin-out of Osaka University in Japan, will present their innovation in TSV and 3D packaging technologies.

Another change in this year’s event is the tour destination. Rather than offering a tour of Leti’s 300mm cleanroom for 3D TSV processes, attendees will be treated to a tour of Minatec’s Innovation Showroom while one-on-one business meetings will provide the opportunity to network with industry peers.

To keep up with the rapid growth in the market, companies will be forced to stay up-to-date with all of the latest breakthroughs in this cutting-edge technology. SEMI is proud to accompany this new technology into the future by offering an event that allows professionals to exchange viewpoints on the market impacts and technological advances of 3D packaging integration.

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