Telecom Teardown Track

By Yole SystemPlus


Teardown Tracks are Reverse Costing® analyses of electronic systems with technology and cost assessment. We craft them with purpose to allow you to scrutinize systems of various types right down to the semiconductor level – and understand their related supply chains in the process.

Yole Group is proud to propose its newly launched Telecom Teardown Track, a product that offers a complete and in-depth analysis of the key base station subsystems, major components identification, bill of materials and best-in-class cost analysis. Our solution is split between three sub-modules, namely Baseband Unit, Active Antenna Unit, and CPE and others. With user-friendly access to our online platform, you can get access to all the information you need to stay ahead of the competition.

Our collaboration with Fomalhaut has resulted in a highly technical understanding from the base station systems down to the semiconductor device level. Fomalhaut and Yole Group have once more joined forces to increase its ability to source rare and state-of-the-art makers and its long-term partnership has been instrumental in providing with unparalleled insights into the telecom industry.

Modules available

The Telecom Teardown Track is composed of 3 modules with more than 15 systems dismantled per year:


Titre du visuel

june 2021

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Thematic(s) :

  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Product identification
  • Boards pictures
  • Cellular band & product ID
  • Teardown
  • PCB/FPC listings (assumption)
  • Functional area: PCB#X
  • PCB#X side A: key components
  • Waveguide
  • Connector details
  • Hinge (folding feature phone only) main display dimension & pixel
  • Camera
  • Timing device: PCB#X side A
  • Antenna (assumption)
  • Power source: battery
  • Power source: AC adapter
  • Block diagram (with assumption)

  • Web-based teardown 24/7 online platform
  • Access the teardowns that will be added during one year, in addition to all already available in the existing database
  • High resolution pictures at every steps
  • A downloadable Excel file with the parts list
  • Comprehensive teardown report of all system’s boards and components

Main manufacturers covered

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