An exclusive opportunity to explore semiconductor technologies and understand their impact on the market

Throughout 2023, Yole Group and its entities Yole SystemPlus, Yole Intelligence, and PISÉO share their vision of the semiconductor industry with a dedicated digital program. The group introduces you to Analyst Thursday, a series of 9 monthly webinars.
For one hour, each Analyst Thursday covers the latest questions from the markets and gives a comprehensive understanding of the technology evolution and its impact on the industry.

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What is the adoption status of silicon photonics technology? How will it evolve?
The data center is the main silicon photonics application. What else?
Front-end manufacturing, packaging, substrates… Where is the value?
Electrification, smartphone industry, AR/VR, quantum computing, etc…

The Analyst Thursday program is an exceptional opportunity to spend an hour with Yole Group’s experts and deep dive into the technologies, their applications, and their markets.

What can you expect?

Yole Group’s analysts share their knowledge and expertise. The information discussed during the Analyst Thursday program is:

  • Market forecasts,
  • Application trends,
  • Market shares, supply chain, business models, mergers & acquisitions, and key investments,
  • Technology roadmaps,
  • Physical comparison & evolution,
  • Manufacturing processes & cost analysis,
  • Performance analysis,
  • and more…

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Do you have questions for Yole Group analysts?
Feel free to share them with us prior to each session during registration. Our team of experts will be pleased to consider and include them in their presentations.

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