Yole Finance is the corporate finance division of Yole Group, specialized in semiconductor industry investment. Our mission is to commercialize and adapt Yole Group’s products for investment companies: private equity, hedge funds, family office, VCs, buy-side organizations and sell-side organizations.
As experts, we can meet specific needs in terms of commercial, industrial and technical due diligence. At Yole Finance, we also offer a dedicated line of services for supporting merger and acquisition (M&A) activities for our buy-side and sell-side customers, and fundraising for projects and companies.


Our expertise

The Added Value that can only come from 25 Years and 100 Expert Analysts

So what do we bring to the financial community? Our unmatched expertise of the semiconductor, photonic and electronic markets. We provide in-depth analysis of new applications and opportunities, and describe and examine the impact of technology trends. We know the industry, the organization of the supply chain and the competitive environment like no one else.

What does that bring you? We help you understand the semiconductor landscape and make the best possible investments in semiconductor, photonic and electronics-related companies.

Yole Group’s publications are based on over 25 years of semiconductor market research and consulting experience. Armed with that knowledge, our analysts, more than 100 of them, can:

  • create target lists for M&A (on the buy side and the sell side,) partnerships and joint ventures (JVs)
  • identify market, technical and manufacturing opportunities to strengthen value creation
  • deliver comprehensive commercial, market and technical due diligence
  • analyze the competitive landscape and company positioning
  • identify disruptive trends and associated opportunities and risks
  • develop optimal business unit and corporate strategies.

Your Direct Link with the Entire Supply Chain

Yole Group maintains long-term, close relationships with semiconductor and supply chain executives, C-levels, corporate M&A, R&D, marketing, and strategic teams. This enables us to bring counterparties into contact for M&A, new capital requirements, partnerships and JVs.

We keep our finger on the pulse of shifting market and competitive dynamics so that we can anticipate technical trends and quantify their impact on financial forecasts.

Our network is your portal to sources of capital from PE, banking, venture capital, corporate venture capital and government institutions. Being able to connect the R&D, industrial and financial worlds in the semiconductor, photonic and electronics industries with all of Yole Group’s services is our key added value.

Our Services

M&A Advisory Buy Side and Sell Side

We can help you sell your company, or acquire others. You can lean on our knowledge of the industry, of the companies and key persons worldwide, and our awareness of all the latest acquisitions.

We can manage the complete M&A process on your behalf from small- to medium-sized projects, focusing on companies with high technical content that are involved in the semiconductor, photonic and electronics industries.


At Yole Finance, we are also able to analyze how to maximize the financial value of your project or company as part of a fundraising process. We proceed by evaluating and restructuring your business plans to present potential investors with a coherent project from every possible angle: financial, market forecasts, commercialization, investment, human resources and industrialization.

It is also important to analyze the competitive environment and your company’s position and added value within it.

After discussing your business plan with you, we introduce your fundraising project to potential corporate investors and financial organizations. We can then manage the entire fundraising process, all the way to the closing of the deal. This includes the definition of exit strategies, identification of retainable vs. sellable assets, and before and after acquisitions.

Yole Group’s semiconductor, photonic and electronics industry expertise brings tremendous added value in such a financial process. We only work on projects we believe in and with people we trust, to make sure this added value is fully realized.

Technical Due Diligence

Investing in a company – let alone buying one out – requires a lot of careful planning. We help you by conducting full due diligence processes for private and public equity investments or acquisitions in the semiconductor, photonic and electronics industry, leaving no stone unturned: commercial, market, industrial, supply chain and technical.

A typical due diligence analysis includes the following key items:

  • business plan deconstruction summary
  • industry and technology overview
  • key company differentiators
  • historical/forecasted market
  • detailed total available market and served available market based on a company’s product portfolio and future developments
  • exit strategies.

We tailor our analysis to the project objectives and schedule, to deliver the right analysis, at the right time.

Quaterly Monitors

We have developed specialized products – such as our quarterly Monitors and the Status of the Industry report series – designed specially to help you understand the trends. All you have left to do is focus on the important points and make the best decisions for your business.

These products are fully adapted to financial investors and financial professionals, providing:

  • competitive analysis
  • market data and trends
  • the market’s key financial metrics (growth, CapEx, Ebitda, R&D investments)
  • supply chain developments.

Dedicated Team

Yole Finance dedicated team is lead by JC Eloy, founder and CEO of Yole Group.
All is about knowledge: after more than 25 years in the semiconductor, photonics and electronic industry, we know the companies, we know the key persons, we understand and monitor the technology evolutions, we understand the supply and value change in complex industry environment… we have done 100s of projects and deals that have taken full benefit of Yole knowledge and ability to provide innovative ideas, new approaches… and be able to get all the aspects of the value of a company, mixing financial analysis, technology and supply chain understanding as well as market opportunity and competitive landscape.

Jean-Christophe Eloy

President & CEO of Yole Group

Using Yole Group's knowledge of the industry, markets, supply chain as well as our strong network, we are able to support all the phases of development of our customers.

Amandine Pizzagalli

Project Manager

Jean-Christophe Simon

Senior Advisor

Jean-Christophe Eloy

Jean-Christophe Eloy is President and CEO of Yole Group. Created in 1998, the market research & strategy consulting company has grown to become a group of companies providing marketing, technology and strategy consulting, media in addition to corporate finance services. His mission is to oversee the strategic direction of Yole Group.
With System Plus Consulting, Blumorpho, PISEO and Yole Intelligence, Yole Group has developed a unique understanding of technologies to accurately evaluate markets, applications, solutions and strategies.
With more than 150+ analysts, including PhD and MBA qualified industry veterans, the group collects information, identifies trends, challenges, emerging markets, and competitive environments and then turns that information into results to give a complete picture of the industry’s landscape.
All year long, Jean-Christophe builds deep relationships with leading semiconductor companies, discussing and sharing information across his global network. His aim is to get a comprehensive understanding of their strengths and guide their success.

Amandine Pizzagalli

Amandine Pizzagalli is a Technology & Market Analyst, Equipment & Materials – Semiconductor Manufacturing, at Yole Group.
She is deeply involved in the development of the Semiconductor & Software division with the production of reports and custom consulting projects dedicated to the semiconductor equipment and materials industries and related manufacturing processes.
Amandine holds an international MBA from IAE Lyon, School of Management (France) and an electronic engineering master degree from the engineering school, CPE Lyon (France) with an added degree, focusing on semiconductor manufacturing technology, from KTH Royal institute of technology (Sweden).

Jean-Christophe Simon