This first level offer from Yole Group give you a flavour of our research. You can proceed with a single purchase directly from the website (appart from the monitor trial), or get in touch with your local sales contact to benefit from bundle offers discounts.

Any product from any company of the group is available for purchase.


Single Track Item

One Monitor Quarter Trial


In a bundle offer, you can purchase from 2 to 60 products, with an evolving discount policy. Following purchase, you have a 12 months window to make your products selection. Reports, single teardown track, and monitor one quarter trial can be included in a this offer.

Get in touch with your local Sales contact to know more about our attractive pricing.

Annual subscriptions

Reports annual subscriptions

When becoming a full annual subscriber you have two options:
- Access all reports released within the 12 months following your subscription starting date
- Or access all reports released within the on-going year of subscription (january to december)

You local sales contact will be happy to guide you on the best option based on your needs.

Yole Intelligence Full Annual Subscription

Yole SystemPlus Full Annual Subscription

Yole Intelligence and Yole SystemPlus Full Annual Subscription

Yole Group all-inclusive packages

Yole Group All-inclusive Automotive Package

  • A minimum of 15 reports
  • Optionnal Discounted TeardownTracks


Topics covered :

ADAS, electrification, infotainment, telematics, other ECUs and more.

Check our Automotive products

Yole Group All-inclusive Computing Package

  • 2 market monitors
  • A minimum of 8 reports


Topics covered :

Consumer (CPU, GPU and NPU), automotive, data center, Al, MCUs and more.

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Yole Group All-inclusive Imaging Package

  • 1 market monitor
  • A minimum of 9 reports



Topics covered :

Smartphone photography, detailed physical analysis, manufacturing process description and more.

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Yole Group All-inclusive Semiconductor Packaging Package

  • 1 market monitor
  • A minimum of 4 reports


Topics covered :

Fan-Out, Fan-In, System-in-Package, Flip-Chip BGA, Flip-Chip CSP, 2.5D/ 3D and more.

Check our Semiconductor Packaging products

In a matter of adapting even more to our customers, we have developped dedicated package offers, providing you access to all Yole Group expertise and products on a specific subject matter.
This offer concerns the topics Computing, Packaging, Imaging or Automotive. You will receive all our products on these topics as they are release throughout 2023

This brand new service runs for a full year (January 1st to December 31st), and includes:
- All products (reports, monitors) from Yole Intelligence, Yole SystemPlus and PISÉO
- 2 hours of access to an expert analyst per company per quarter
- Synergy and complementarity of analyses
- Regular updates

The earlier in the year you buy it, the more you will benefit from it: reach out to your local contact to know more. In our constant evolution pattern, new topics will be added along the way.

Why subscribe
- In-depth, comprehensive understanding of a market or a technology
- Deep dive in technology and manufacturing process cost analysis
- Benchmark technologies performances
- Identify market trends, position and fine-tune your products