Keep your Finger on the Pulse of your Industry, your Supply Chain and your Technological Environment


In addition to regular market forecasts, our Yole Intelligence monitors provide you with all the essential technology and industry updates, for a precise semiconductor market overview.

We publish them up to four times a year, giving you access to a constantly-updated five-year semiconductor demand forecast of the semiconductor market.

You’ll get a dynamic view of the semiconductor industry market with metrics like:

  • Shipment, device, unit and revenue forecasts,
  • Wafer area forecasts,
  • Market shares,
  • List of top investors by value,
  • R&D spending trends and forecasts,
  • Lists and forecasts of mergers and acquisitions of market players


  • Accurate, up-to-date information on market developments
  • Pointers for secure and optimized investment decisions
  • Forecasts of the impact of technological development on business
  • High added-value data in volume, dollars and, if possible, in wafer production
  • Supply and demand analysis
  • CAPEX per major player
  • Market shares of leading players
  • Production by foundries and IDMs
  • Product ASP (Average Selling Price) per market or platform
  • New technology adoption


With our quarterly monitor updates, you can detect a range of threats or opportunities to apprehend them and optimize your semiconductor market CAGR. Concretely, that means accelerated innovation and a competitive advantage. In a nutshell, Yole Intelligence Monitors:

Ensure a constant watch on a market or thematic

Help establish business plans

Monitor information about technology players

Support your company's strategic decisions

  • An interactive online platform
  • A downloadable Excel file with all the data
  • A downloadable PDF file including an executive summary of the latest trends