The Performance Analysis collection, developed by Yole Group and its partners, offers comprehensive assessments of semiconductor performance. This new collection of products is tailored to meet specific market demands and industry standards.


Power electronics Performance analysis collection, powered by Yole Group encompasses a variety of measures and metrics aimed at evaluating device characteristics.

The electrical power analysis endeavors to achieve efficient energy consumption without compromising on performance efficiency. Emphasizing low power consumption is a common strategy to lower operational expenses and mitigate environmental footprints.

Among these metrics are operating speed, electrical power, transistor density, reliability, latency, energy efficiency… Metrics, selected by Yole Group and its partner, SERMA are crucial for ensuring that semiconductor products adhere to both customer expectations and industry benchmarks regarding quality, durability, and performance.

Yole Group’s partner, SERMA conducts tests in a certified laboratory under controlled conditions to ensure trustworthy analysis. These tests cover static scenarios across a range of temperatures. Yole Group’s technical and cost comparative analysis facilitates comprehension of power behaviors and correlation with physical and manufacturing parameters.

Accurate measurement

Accurate and standardized measurements of semiconductor device characteristics and quality are indispensable in the conception and design of electronic systems

Global and niche players

We carefully select the latest semiconductor products from both established industry leaders and emerging startups.

With this selection, our goal is to provide an in-depth analysis that support the technical decisions made by these semiconductor companies


Assessing the actual performance of light sources, image sensors, and photonic modules involves rigorous testing as part of their characterization process.

In addition to light sources, image sensors, we are offering detailed performance analysis reports, fully focused on the display and photonic domains, with its partnership with our partner PISÉO.

Photometric and colorimetric measurements

We characterize the performance of light sources and lighting systems: LEDs, VCELs, lasers, lamps, luminaires, motor vehicle lights, screens, indicators, panels… in multiple wavelengths.

Radiometric measurements in the UV

Radiometric measurements carried out in a reliable and impartial manner thus make it possible to know precisely the radiation emitted and to determine the performance of devices operating in the UV.

Thermal measurements

We analyze the thermal management of LEDs, to characterize the performance of LED-based illumination systems (lamps, modules, luminaires), using thermal camera temperature mapping and punctual thermocouple measurements.

Characterization of displays & luminous surfaces

We provide you with objective, impartial and quality measurement results for your screens and luminous devices, through luminance measurements and 2D luminance maps, spectral and colorimetric distribution measurements, as well as flicker measurements, carried out in accordance with international standards.

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