At Yole Group, we believe that diversity is a true asset.

We recognize that each journey is unique. This is why we bring together people from many cultural backgrounds and with all types of experience. This diversity is reflected through the activities of our companies, the plurality of our cultures, and our many locations in the world.

The components of our diversity converge into Yole Group’s shared DNA.


Each company, each subsidiary of the YOLE Group has its own history, its activity, its location and its identity but the contributions of each component converge towards a common DNA.




EXCELLENCE begins right from the recruitment stage: we are demanding because, as a group of experts, we look for the best people. We also apply this requirement to ourselves, through all the HR processes set up within the Group. As a result, we deploy methods that are usually found in large companies. During your onboarding process, you receive extensive training provided by your direct manager, your peers and the Knowledge Management Department. You also take part in a personalized career support program based on a thorough evaluation of your skills and performance. Each employee is interviewed individually multiple times, and our Career Committees propose evolutions according to your wishes and ambition – whether that’s becoming a manager, developing your technical expertise, changing positions, or moving to a different location.



INTEGRITY – We think that working and evolving within an environment that is in line with your values is of utmost importance. Yole Group positions itself as a trusted third party. It is important that this is also reflected in the deep respect we have for ethics and the line of conduct we have set for ourselves. We are also committed to respecting everyone’s differences – from our first contact with you to managing your career.

Our management is based on a foundation of caring values. Everyone can give their best and grow serenely in their career.



BOLDNESS – Yole Group’s management culture is steeped in an entrepreneurial spirit that allows us to support initiatives at every level.

We are all passionate about our work, in our respective fields. Beyond training and experience, we are also looking for people who dare –  people who know how to adopt a certain breadth of vision. It’s important to know how to do things in a hands-on manner, while maintaining the ability to constantly question the status quo.

At Yole Group, we dare to propose. We dare to ask. These are part of our daily activities. Management is available to help and share information. It is only by being bold that we can learn more, go further and offer more to our clients.



ADAPTABILITY – Our market is in constant development. The field of innovation, by definition, is in perpetual motion. To keep up with it, we need to continually adapt to a changing environment.

Our culture, our very DNA pushes us to experiment, to investigate, to push the envelope, to develop new products, and establish ourselves in new markets.

Our practices lead us to generate ever better ways of working. New developments prompt our curiosity and spur our creativity.

We welcome change. Far from scaring us, it is what pushes us to evolve and grow.

Join us!

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